Improve refuelling behaviour and reduce refuelling costs

Qivalon Fuel Optimizer

Qivalon Fuel Optimizer

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Fuel Optimizer

Unfavorable fuel stops can quickly lead to a transport order no longer being profitable. A scenario that should be avoided considering the tight profit margins. Instead, implementing a smart refueling strategy within the company can significantly contribute to its overall success.

Improve refuelling behaviour and reduce refuelling costs - The Problem

The Problem

Refuelling costs account for a large part of the costs in the transport logistics industry. Costly refueling practices can strongly impact the profitability of road haulage companies. Simultaneously, identifying and avoiding unfavorable refueling stops requires considerable manual effort, which is further complicated by the complex conditions set by different fuel card providers.

Logistics companies provide their drivers with refueling guidelines to make the best possible use of the price differences between regions or different providers. However, these specifications are rarely systematically checked and updated. Additionally, monitoring compliance with these guidelines in practice proves challenging.

Improve refuelling behaviour and reduce refuelling costs - Unsere Lösung

Our solution

The Fuel Optimizer makes it easy to improve fuel costs by automatically evaluating the fuel bills of all fuel cards and gas stations used. For this purpose, the software systematically processes all imported data and identifies immediate savings potential.

In addition to the company's own data, external data sources such as market prices in the individual European countries are used. Even an anonymous comparison with the refueling costs of other transport companies is possible and helps to objectively assess the level of one's own fuel expenditure. Moreover, the analyses are continually updated, enabling adjustments to the refueling strategy as conditions change.

Improve refuelling behaviour and reduce refuelling costs

Your benefits

  • Permanent control of refueling costs to identify negative developments at an early stage
  • Automatic determination of cheaper alternatives for a fuel stop
  • Evaluations of fuel quantities based on different criteria, including providers, countries, or stations
  • Comparison of your refueling expenses with those of other transport companies


  • No additional hardware necessary
  • Compatible with all common telematics systems
  • Works with all fuel cards
  • Can be used for all truck makes and models
  • Web portal that can be used directly without installation

Further detailed information can be found in our product data sheet.

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Frequently asked questions

The Fuel Optimizer is designed to work seamlessly with all telematics systems that provide data on fuel level, consumption, and mileage. It already offers interfaces to a wide range of systems, including AddSecure, Astrata, Fleetboard, FleetGO, GPS Auge, LocTracker, LOSTnFOUND, Navkonzept, OpenTelematics, Renault Optifleet, RIO, Samsara, Scania Telematics, Spedion, Transics, Trendfire, Trimble, Volvo Connect, Yellow Fox, and many others. If your system is not listed, we are ready to integrate it for you at no additional cost.

The import options vary depending on the provider. Data can be uploaded through the Fuel Optimizer portal, sent via email to the Fuel Optimizer, or directly imported through interfaces with the fuel card provider.

Practically all of them, as the Fuel Optimizer only needs a list of transactions with standard information on time, license plate number, quantity, location, and product. Currently, approximately 150 import formats are supported, and more are being added every week.

Yes, data from yard filling stations can be imported or processed in the same way as data from fuel card providers.

No, there is no obligation to share data. However, if you do not agree to share your data, the anonymized comparison of fuel costs with other companies will not be available.

To set up the Fuel Optimizer, you only need access to the telematics system, which the customer must create for us. Our support team will provide you with detailed instructions tailored to the specific telematics system you use. Additionally, you'll need to provide us with the relevant details of your fuel card provider and, if necessary, send us sample files containing fuel data. With this information, we will configure the Fuel Optimizer's database. Once set up, you will receive a login for the Fuel Optimizer portal via email.

There is no minimum term. The Fuel Optimizer can be terminated with a notice period of 3 months.

The usage fee is charged per vehicle per month, only for vehicles that can be evaluated in the system. This fee covers all services, including support, maintenance, and updates. There are no additional charges for set-up or any other related services.

Yes, every interested party receives a non-binding and free 2-month set-up and test phase, so that you can get an idea of the software at your leisure before making a final decision.

No, if you opt for optional data sharing, your data will only be evaluated anonymously and in aggregate. Your company's specific data will not be individually identifiable or used to draw conclusions about your company.

Improve refuelling behaviour and reduce refuelling costs

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