Efficiently reduce diesel theft and fuel fraud

Qivalon Dieselinspector

Efficiently reduce diesel theft and fuel fraud

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Fleet operators know that diesel theft is an ongoing issue in the logistics and transportation industry. Nevertheless, the majority of such cases remain undetected despite regular and often time-consuming analyses, which means that companies in road haulage not only lose fuel, but ultimately also liquidity.

Efficiently reduce diesel theft and fuel fraud - The problem

The problem

Transportation companies must always keep their costs under control. Monitoring fuel costs is essential. In day-to-day business, however, the time-consuming review of fuel receipts is usually neglected. The high number of refuelling transactions and the different formats of invoice data make complete audit practically impossible for fleet managers.

As a result, many transportation and logistics companies only do a random check, during which most diesel fraud cases remain undetected and can lead to dramatic consequences for the company.

Efficiently reduce diesel theft and fuel fraud - Our solution

Our solution

The Dieselinspector solves these problems by automatically merging fuel billing data with vehicle data and checking it with an algorithm specifically designed for refuelling verification.

The telemetry data of the vehicles are obtained via interfaces to the telematics system already in use. Thus, no additional hardware is necessary. Instead, the Dieselinspector provides an overview of detected abnormalities with information about time, location and vehicle on the basis of already available data. That way the Dieselinspector detects theft directly out of the tank as well as during the refuelling process into a canister.

Efficiently reduce diesel theft and fuel fraud

Your benefits

  • Automated detection of theft out of the tank and at the fuel station
  • Efficient controlling of fuel bills for your entire fleet
  • Minimization of theft thanks to preventive effect of the Dieselinspector
  • Sleep more peacefully, as the Dieselinspector has everything in view

Fast integration

  • No additional hardware required
  • Compatible with all common telematics systems
  • Works with all fuel cards
  • Can be used for all truck brands and models
  • Web portal that can be used directly without installation

Further detailed information can be found in our product data sheet.

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Efficiently reduce diesel theft and fuel fraud - Testimonial Frank Fischer, FischerTrans

Frank Fischer

„The Dieselinspector automatically provides us with a detailed analysis of our refuelling and consumption. In this way, we can easily identify negative abnormalities and take action against them.”

„With the Qivalon Dieselinspector, the entire management and control process of fuel receipts has been greatly simplified and reduced to a minimum.”

Efficiently reduce diesel theft and fuel fraud - Testimonial Mirko Schübel, Berners

Mirko Schübel
Spedition Berners

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Frequently asked questions

The Dieselinspector basically works with all telematics systems that transmit data on fuel level, consumption and mileage. There are interfaces to a variety of systems: AddSecure, Astrata, Fleetboard, FleetGO, GPS Auge, LocTracker, LOSTnFOUND, Navkonzept, OpenTelematics, Renault Optifleet, RIO, Samsara, Scania Telematics, Spedion, Transics, Trendfire, Trimble, Volvo Connect, Yellow Fox. If your system is not included, we will connect it without any costs for you.

Depending on the provider, the import options differ. The data can either be uploaded via the Dieselinspector portal, sent to the Dieselinspector by e-mail or imported directly via interfaces from the fuel card provider.

Practically all of them, since the Dieselinspector only needs a list of transactions with standard information about time, license plate, quantity, fuel station and product. Currently, about 150 import formats are supported and it is getting more every week.

Yes, data from yard fuel stations can be imported or processed in the same way as data from fuel card providers.

The Dieselinspector detects diesel withdrawals directly from the tank and shortages that occur during refueling, for example by filling a canister. In addition, the Dieselinspector can determine the realistic consumption of a vehicle and determine if bills are still missing or incorrect for a refueling process. Thus, the Dieselinspector covers all cases where shortages may occur.

To set up the Dieselinspector, only access to the telematics system is required, which the customer has to create for us. You will receive detailed instructions from our support regarding the telematics system used. In addition, you must tell us your fuel card providers and, if necessary, provide us with sample files for the fuel bill data. With this information, the Dieselinspector will then be set up by us and you will receive a login for the Dieselinspector portal by e-mail.

There is no minimum contract period. The Dieselinspector can be cancelled with a notice period of 3 months.

A fee per vehicle and month is charged for the use of the software, whereby only vehicles that can be evaluated are billed. This usage fee already includes all services such as support, maintenance and update. There are no additional or hidden fees.

Yes. Each interested company receives a non-binding and free of charge 2-month setup and test phase, so that you can get an idea how the software works, before making a final decision.

Efficiently reduce diesel theft and fuel fraud

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