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You have a lot of data, systems, and interfaces, but no complete overview? Here's what we have implemented for other customers beyond Excel magic - following the principle of „Deep integration for deep insights“.

Discover the Qivalon Cloud in-depth. - SYSTEM AND DATA INTEGRATION


Do you also have data in a variety of different systems like telematics, TMS, driver cards, fuel portals, workshop software, etc.? Our customers often report immense effort in data analysis. Sometimes, this prevents them from recognizing the correlations and optimization potential for an efficient use of drivers and fleet.

Occasionally, there are also multiple systems for the same task: One customer had several telematics systems due to acquisitions. For such cases, Qivalon developed a data integration platform. Using the Qivalon Cloud, not only position data but also numerous other information such as driving times, maintenance data, and fuel consumption were integrated and provided through a unified API, independent of the hardware. From here, evaluations and billing can be done regardless of the manufacturer or telematics provider. This hardware independence is also a strategic advantage in case switching providers becomes a consideration.

Discover the Qivalon Cloud in-depth. - DATA ANALYTICS AND MACHINE LEARNING


With over 10 years of experience and well-trained specialists, Qivalon applies both traditional analytical methods and modern approaches of machine learning to transportation data. The focus is always on the practical application and not just the technology. Usually, you don't need to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Our industry focus sets us apart from competitors who may have IT know-how but lack an understanding of the challenges in the transport and logistics business.

Examples from completed projects are diverse. Our algorithms are used, for instance, to automatically analyze waiting times at customers' locations, optimize distribution processes, or forecast fuel consumption based on routes and vehicle models. Analyzing fleet consumption and usage parameters also helps to assess the potential for transitioning to green traction technology and thus avoid risks.

Discover the Qivalon Cloud in-depth. - INDIVIDUAL-DEVELOPMENT


Should you require a functionality not currently provided by any of your existing software programs, but one that could significantly streamline your operations, we encourage you to engage with us. Our nimble team of industry experts and adept software developers can translate your concepts into practical tools.

Our track record of software solutions, as diverse as the needs they address, attests to Qivalon's commitment to supporting clients in their day-to-day operations. Whether it's ensuring adherence to mobility package regulations, accurately calculating and tracking estimated arrival times (ETA), optimizing fuel stop planning for cost-efficiency, scrutinizing driving time infractions, implementing web-based dashboards, or any number of other applications, our extensions seamlessly integrate into the standard Qivalon Cloud, forestalling the need for a patchwork of disparate solutions.

Discover the Qivalon Cloud in-depth.

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